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At Granite Bridge Wealth Management

We Prioritize Your Success

As your financial coach, we're invested in your success.

We believe we can help you achieve your financial goals.  Through honest conversations and solid planning, we hope your trust in us as your financial coach will grow. Together, we can help you move beyond success to financial significance by putting a long-term success plan in motion. 

Trust the Granite Bridge Difference

Through in-depth conversations, we want to simplify your finances and the complexities involved. By putting you at the forefront of our strategies, we’re able to remove any insecurities you may have and empower you to make powerful and impactful decisions.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

As CFP® professionals, we are committed to making recommendations that are transparent, unbiased and in your best interest, always. Our team will clearly communicate our role in the development of your plan and the differences you can expect from current advisors you may be working with.

Learn About Our Solutions

We enforce a lighthearted approach to planning for your future while maintaining professionalism and depth. By sharing your goals, life experiences and more, we strive to create a roadmap of how to achieve your aspirations successfully.

Discover Our Process

We are positioned to accommodate your life and lifestyle. Whether you are close to our offices or across the country, we are prepared to serve you in a comfortable and professional setting – both in-person and virtually.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact Us Today