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Move Beyond Success to 

Financial Significance

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Providing Wealth Management and Financial Planning Advisory Services Throughout the Country

At Granite Bridge, we work with families who have a passion for their well-being and are seeking meaning in the money they have. Through effective listening and an approach that is truly unique, we aim to get to know you, the goals you have in mind and the decisions that have led you to where you are today.

Our Clients Seek to Extra the Ordinary

Who We Work With:

Financially Affluent Individuals

You have worked hard for your wealth and are at a point where you know you need professional guidance. Our team will assist you in protecting the money you have and guide you in achieving your goals. 

Individuals Preparing for Financial Comfort

You have saved throughout your life and as you continue to grow your assets, we will work with you to successfully prepare for your future and leave a legacy of value.

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Our Fiduciary Duty As Your Partners in Planning

The CFP® designation is reserved for financial planners who have met the strict requirements of
the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. We are proud to serve our clients with a fiduciary standard.

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Experience a Customized Relationship

Over the years, we have gained an understanding of what it takes to work well with individuals who have complex needs. The team-based approach we utilize today allows us to bring our unique skills and experience under one roof in order to best serve you.

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